Cardano blockchain explorers are built exclusively for the Cardano blockchain. The public ledger stores all the data about Cardano transactions, wallet addresses and balances. You can use Cardano blockchain explorers to quickly and easily search through the ledger to find specific addresses, transactions and balances. Interestingly, users can also find out information regarding the number of times a specific Bitcoin public address found entries on the internet. The advantages of Blocktrail as one of the top blockchain explorers are also evident in the facility of developer’s section.

  • The other transaction, processed more than 43 days after the withdrawal, is a swap of that ETH for another token.
  • Heading to the token’s smart contract page on Etherscan, you can see how many wallets hold it , its maximum supply and its fully-diluted market cap.
  • Interestingly, users can also find out information regarding the number of times a specific Bitcoin public address found entries on the internet.
  • Despite the ability of these explorers to create a more transparent network, do not get complacent about following good security measures to keep your digital assets secure.
  • Track prices and the 24h price change for the most popular cryptocurrencies.

The ‘Historical’ tab in Tradeblock features a Bitcoin historical data chart where you could change the data sets on display by using ‘Settings’ tab on the right. Every block the miner will skim through the saved plots, and come up with an amount of time until it is able to mine a block if another block hasn’t yet been found. A cryptocurrency that uses the unique algorithm called Proof of Capacity , which utilizes your unused hard disk drive space instead of your processor or graphics card to mine BURST. Miners pre-generate chunks of data known as 'plots’ which are then saved to disk.

The tagline of Blockchair, i.e., ‘Search the blockchain world for anything’ indicates its capability to outperform the best blockchain explorers. Tokenview helps you explore blockchains of Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin, Ontology, NEO, ZCash, TRON, and many other cryptocurrencies. There is no way you would come across a list of top blockchain explorers without on it. The easy-to-use interface of the blockchain explorer presents different options to navigate blockchain easily in a flexible list. To assist users in using the block explorer, we have written this guide for those interested in the concept of blockchain, its terminology, and processes. Our block explorer visually displays block activity as it is confirmed in real-time, which allows users to take a more engaging approach to the data.


The ‘Data and Charts’ section of is also another profound aspect for the blockchain explorer. The Charts section features frequent updates with the addition of new data, thereby opening the scope for in-depth analysis of new blockchain trends. The Charts section also features additional sections tailored for Bitcoin as a currency, Bitcoin wallet activity, mining information, Bitcoin block details, and Bitcoin network activity. This feature highlights the transactions and addresses on any page you visit. Simply click on the blue highlighted phrase to access the page on Blockchair showing you the transaction/address details.

The are available for Desktop, IOS and Android versions in general, but not every wallet supports every operation system. The other transaction, processed more than 43 days after the withdrawal, is a swap of that ETH for another token. In this case, we can see that this is for close to four billion Saitama Inu tokens, worth a total of $49.55.


The blocks are sized proportionally to the number of transactions executed, so the taller they are, the more transactions have been completed during the period that the block was created. How tall or short a block looks depends on how many people are trying to transact in a certain period, and how many of those transactions have been validated. A transaction becomes more secure as new blocks are added onto the existing chain, since as it is more protected against network attacks and was proven to not have been double spent . We’ve created a digital guide to help new and power users alike to understand the purpose of a block explorer and how to use it.

What is Block Explorer and how to use it? Blockchain Explorer explained is a popular blockchain explorer because it can offer an in-depth overview of blockchain applications without adding excessive information. Interestingly, it is suitable for beginners as well as professionals in blockchain, thereby adding up to its popularity. Sending crypto requires a handling fee in the same way that it costs money to make a bank transfer. The key difference is crypto fees come at very minimal amounts compared to traditional bank fees. In the image above, a transaction sent $6,709.35 worth of BTC and the fee amounted to only $3.02. In fact, whether you send $6 million or $6, the fees will remain constant but rather are determined by transaction size.


In such cases, blockchain explorers should ensure that they can provide the information users need about their transactions on the blockchain. In summary, CoinMarketCap’s block explorer provides four main perspectives of browsing different blockchains for its users. On the homepage, you begin with a current summary of the blockchain and then move to a list of blocks with the option to select and read the data on a single block. Miners, crypto traders, and blockchain learners use this tool to stay updated on the state of blockchain and their crypto payments. Our block explorer allows you to tailor your search results based on your data requirements, and our different entry points provide versatility on how you retrieve the information you need.

In addition to showing information related to transactions, also collects useful data including transactions per block, on-chain volume and circulation. Using block explorer you can check the most popular address by the number of outputs and the top 100 richest Bitcoin addresses. But do note that not all explorers provides this option and feature like this won’t be available on privacy coins like Monero. Block explorer allows you to search any information about any block that you wish.

The simple design hides a powerful blockchain explorer with credible features and a wide range of essential tools. SolScan allows you to scan the blockchain for specific addresses, transactions and smart contracts. You can get detailed information about transactions including transaction amounts, gas prices and the addresses of the sender and receiver. Transaction history is probably one of the most exciting opportunities unlocked by block explorers. While traditional payment services only allow users to track their own transactions, a public blockchain enables users to track virtually any wallet. Last but not least, CardanoScan is one of the best blockchain explorers designed exclusively for the Cardano blockchain.


CoinMarketCap provides users with rankings of cryptocurrencies and exchanges, sorted by market capitalization. Compared to some of the other blockchain explorers, CoinMarketCap provides a clean and seamless user interface, making it very enjoyable to use. Blockchain provides the exceptional advantage of complete transparency of transactions, and blockchain explorers should be capable of achieving the same. Many blockchain applications such as cryptocurrency wallets inform users about the processing of transactions through notifications. On the other hand, there are many other blockchain services that do not offer similar facilities. is new on the scene but despite this it hasn’t taken long to establish itself as one of the best blockchain explorers available to crypto traders. It is a fast and reliable blockchain explorer, especially useful for Bitcoin holders, and is free to use. TokenView offers very useful tools such as a list of pending transactions on a blockchain, daily trading volumes, block rewards winners, active wallets by day and that’s just scratching the surface.


For each chain there is a different block explorer – so for example you won’t be able to user a Bitcoin block explorer in order to examine Litecoin’s blockchain. ActiveTab – permission that allows the analysis and identification of the address and transaction hashes for the On-click Blockchain Explorer feature. We do not store, analyze, nor send this information either to our or third-party servers.

Check how much Bitcoin is now in circulation

Creating new wallet software written in languages other than Java, allowing better flexibility for the end user and potential performance gains. It is important that Burst nodes stay up to date, and that the process of software delivery be safeguarded against malicious actors or centralized authorities. An auto-update feature coupled with a multi-signature signing process helps ensure that Burst nodes remain up-to-date and secure. Aside from the intrigue factor, being able to use tools like this is a wonderful feature of the Bitcoin crypto model. One of my favorite things to do is see the genesis block that Satoshi Nakamoto mined in 2009.

Download the extension today for the easiest access to blockchain data and your portfolio changes. Block explorers like Etherscan for Ethereum and for Bitcoin are designed to allow anyone to follow transactions on a network. Despite the ability of these explorers to create a more transparent network, do not get complacent about following good security measures to keep your digital assets secure. If you can afford to do so, a hardware wallet is always the best option for keeping your crypto as safe as possible.

Hash rate measures the computing power being consumed by the network to operate a particular blockchain. The hash rate of a computer may be measured in KH/s, MH/s, GH/s, TH/s, PH/s or EH/s, depending on the number of hashes produced per second. Using the image above as reference, Bitcoin’s 47.98 EH/s equates to 47.98 quintillion hashes, which is 4,798 followed by 16 zeros. Then look no further than a blockchain explorer built exclusively for the Ethereum blockchain.

We are crypto enthusiasts and our main intention with Coin Guides is to educate people about Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. We regularly publish content about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins, wallet guides, mining tutorials and trading tips. A bounty program has been started which rewards BURST for users who generate YouTube videos about Burst, its mining software, and tools.

You can download a blockchain ledger for yourself and sift through it on your computer. But a much easier method is to parse this data with a tool called a blockchain explorer—a website that lets you scan through a blockchain’s entire history. In addition to this, you can view transactions, addresses and balances to confirm transactions. For users who would like to look deeper into the Cardano network, you can do so using the analytics tools available on the platform. With the popularity of Initial Coin Offerings on the rise and selling out fast, Etherscan can quickly verify whether the Ether from your wallet went through to the BAT address successfully. The platform uses API’s to build decentralized apps which can also be used as tools to gather more information and data on the blockchain.

The developer’s section features user-friendly SDKs and APIs that could support aspiring blockchain developers. Tradeblock is also one of the popular entries in the list of blockchain explorers with a formidable competitive advantage. It provides blockchain explorer for the Bitcoin blockchain with an extremely minimalistic environment for tracking transactions and searching for wallets.

On the CMC block explorer, they can compare market data alongside of blockchain transactions, which can be seen as the underlying driver for market activity. CoinMarketCap’s block explorer currently has indices for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, which forms the basis of learning how to navigate and comprehend the data for other blockchains. We will be adding more cryptocurrencies and functionalities to our block explorer, so users can explore real-time blockchain data and perform more in-depth analyses. If you are serious about investing in cryptocurrency or are a wallet developer, it is essential to use a blockchain explorer. These web-based platforms make it quick and easy to view important information about blocks, transactions and the market to make better investment decisions.

A properly set up Full-Node gives the operator the ability to get bonuses from the NDS-A that are paid in BURST. Burstcoin software is developed by talented programmers who are active in the Burstcoin community. Phoenix, Burst Hotwallet and BURSTPAY are supported by various people who are committed to the idea of providing their users with an easy-to-use front-end. Let users “stake” tokens in order to process transactions; those who have staked the most transactions reap the largest rewards. Or, you can follow the alleged money-laundering attempts made by those in control of the spoils of the Bitfinex hacker. is powered by the official Solana blockchain and offers some handy features to Solana traders.

Burnt fees refer to fees destroyed by EIP-1559, an Ethereum upgrade that went live in August 2021. It destroys some of the fees paid by the user instead of handing them to the miner. Each cryptocurrency has its own number of required confirmations to complete a transaction, which may vary. For example, major U.S. crypto exchange Coinbase requires a minimum of three confirmations to complete a BTC transaction, and at least 35 confirmations to complete an ETH transaction.

It also has an advanced view mode that allows you to explore advanced stats such as transaction size, timestamp, and more. Our “View Market Data” option will take you directly to the CoinMarketCap website, where you can gain access to information on coins, tokens, and different exchanges. After its fork from Bitcoin, Litecoin P2SH addresses have been changed from 3 to M, to avoid confusion between Bitcoin and Litecoin addresses. A P2SH allows a transaction to be redeemed and used according to the conditions of the recipient, rather by the requirements of the sender. Litecoin users should note that the change in P2SH formats are simply two different encodings for the same address. However, if you have already left the homepage, you can always search for any Bitcoin or Ethereum block by typing in the block number in the smaller search bar located on the top right-hand side of the page.

And this is for both the main Ethereum network and the testnets, should you need that data. The execution data refers to the transactions that have been executed in a specific block. The consensus data refers to the blocks themselves and the validators who proposed them. It’s worth noting that there are private and public blockchain explorers, based on the type of blockchain used. In public or permissionless blockchains like Bitcoin or Ethereum, anyone can read and write on the ledger. But on a private or permissioned blockchain, only selected entities can read and write on the ledger.