A „State Speed Limit 55” sign should be installed after the curve. This sign is sometimes misused in locations where the speed limit changes to a speed other than 55 mph. This is mainly applied on both undivided and divided rural non-freeway routes. Though rarely seen, some divided roadways are set as low as 45 mph but mainly stay at the state speed limit of 55 mph; in one exceptional case, that of the Scajaquada Expressway, the speed limit was lowered to 30 mph in 2016 after a fatality.

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  • The US-71 expressway from Carthage to Harrisonville had a 70 mph limit before it was upgraded to I-49.
  • If it appears the driver is following or harassing you, call the police if you can safely do so.
  • It would look like a particle going left to right forward in time.
  • Freeways and expressways with no primary route number are part of the Secondary Road system and bear route numbers of 1000 or greater.

This all depends on what we consider to be the measure of airsoft indoors near me speed of light and what medium the objects propagate in, not to mention the physics of space-time which is an entirely different and complicated topic to discuss right now. The speed of the objects also depends on what we consider to be the point of reference. But even if today’s vehicles can safely drive faster than our roads’ design speed, 95% of all road crashes have human error as a factor. Most of us are simply not the good drivers we think we are.

What Is The Flow Of Traffic?

Also that the Speed of Dark is faster than the Speed of Light. Exactly what I’ve been thinking – however, photons have mass, and they’re perfectly happy whizzing along at the speed of, er, photons… In the immortal words of Captain Picard to Data, „Things are only impossible until they’re not.”


When you try to understand his equations, you can really sense how closely mathematical formulae work according to universal principles . The real experimental results based on Einstian’s equations were always very slightly „off”. Considering the fact that neutrinos are faster by tiny fractions of meter/second, applying this observed velocity as „c” in his equations can probably yield much more accurate experimental values. The time travel people don’t seem to remember that nasty „thermodynamics” bit that ensures that time flows in one direction and one direction only. I suppose it would take a change in the laws of physics for the Jets to win.

Other states have initiated partnerships to enhance enforcement resources and educational efforts to combat speeders. You have no business traveling more than a mile or two over the posted speed limit in a large truck. 75,76,77,78,79,80,81,82 mph is not acceptable in a large truck.

Sound travels a bit faster in warm water than it does in cold. At first glance this seems illogical because the molecules are actually closer together in cold water than they are in warm making it seem like it would be easier for sound to travel between them. Because the speed of transmission depends on molecular collisions the speed of sound depends on the state of the gas. The speed of sound is a constant within a given gas and the value of the constant depends on the type of gas (air pure oxygen carbon dioxide etc.) and the temperature of the gas.

Test Confirms Particles Appear To Travel Faster Than The Speed Of Light

I’m also not quite convinced that there is a unique foliation giving a global thermodynamic arrow of time. Perhaps there are several equivalent ways of defining it. In any case this is my own lack of understanding and is the kind of thing that’s established in a textbook or journal paper rather than in a youtube video. Any type of matter defines a preferred frames and this is not in conflict with relativity whatsoever. You seem to have a very basic misunderstanding about the meaning of relativity.