But, it’s theoretically possible for someone to come to a valid conclusion from flawed beliefs or incorrect reasoning. More information. ). Therefore, is it possible Lemaitre’s notion of a huge explosion could be real? Could the Big Bang be the source of the power that God created the universe?

Does the big bang / conventional model consistent with the account of creation as described within the Bible? Doctor Ph.D. degree – Ancient History Online Tuition Fee minimum. 5.850 Euros (7.650 US$) . Biblical Theological Considerations.

Max. 9.360 Euros (12.240 US$). In actual fact there are a lot of conflicts between the big bang in the Big Bang and the Bible.

Doctor Ph.D. The most obvious one is the time scale. Degree Online Degree: 45 . 72 academic credits are required to complete this degree through distance learning. In the present version of the big bang the universe is believed to have come to life around 13.8 billion years back. More information. The Bible says that God created the universe over six days.

The composition: Ancient History via distance learning = 21 academic credits. Each day was bounded by one night and one day and forms the basis of our current work schedule (Genesis 1. Additional courses could be selected from different modules of the Faculty of Arts & Humanities from Bircham International University if required. Exodus 20:8-11). The choice has to be approved through the Distance Learning University Education Board. In addition, Adam was created on the sixth day. from the dates in Scripture it is clear that it was only some ten thousand years in the past. For instance Archaeology. + 18 academic credit (Research methodology and thesis or final research project). The exact date is not needed to understand this.

13.8 billion years of time is far more ancient than what the Bible provides by a number of around 2 million. More information. ). This isn’t a huge difference. Payment plans are offered upon the request of up the 36-month installment. If the average height of a man were the biblical scale of time The big bang timescale would roughly be the size that is the United States. More information. There are some who believe of thinking that, if one could just extend the days of creation into enormous ages, this could enable to allow the Bible to work with massive boom.

BIU customizes every Distance Learning Higher Education degree program to meet the requirements of each student. Of of course, the language used in Genesis is extremely simple and can’t be stretched to accommodate the length of time. More details. But it won’t eliminate the issue because the sequence of events is different. Ancient History Online.

The Bible affirms that stars were created on the day four of the creation week while Earth was formed on day 1 (Genesis 1:1-14-19). List of Courses (each subject counts for 3 online credits of academics): But, according to the standard model stars were created billions of years earlier than the creation of the Earth. 1. Actually the standard model suggests that terrestrial planets similar to Earth originated from elements that were forged from the core of stars. BIU Earned Credit equals 1 United States Semester Credit (15 hours of instruction) is 2 ECTS credits (30 hours of studying). The formation of stars following their appearance on the Earth is so far from the theory of the big bang that Christians have asked "Couldn’t Genesis simply mean that the stars were created on the fourth day and not have been created during that day?" The answer is that it isn’t. You are able to learn about any subject in an independent continuing education online course. The Hebrew text says that God created (using using the Hebrew words asah ) the lights of The firmament in the day of fourth, not that He caused them to appear as another Hebrew phrase ("ra’ah" ). More details.

Could it be just the moon and the sun that were created in the 4th day? No. World Cultures This course surveys human world cultures , from the early evidence through the evolution of civilizations. The Hebrew language contains the preposition (’et) (which does not have any similarity to English) that indicates the literal target of the verb. It offers a comparative analysis of the influences on culture that shape human behavior in certain cultures , and studies the impact of various contexts on biocultural and human adaptions. The term is employed in the Genesis 1:6-18, to indicate those stars that are the objects that God created. The Academic Supervisor is Mari Schuldt.

The text therefore explains that stars were the objects that God created in the day of the Fourth (along with the moon and sun). Civilization & Culture This course explores the reasons and how the first civilizations were created as well as the necessary preconditions for the development of a state: domestication of animals or plants as well as the farming communities as well as city-building at the beginning, the religions of the past, the development of languages and their connection to culture, as well as the advancement of each culture. Additionally, there are some additional order differences. Academic Supervisor: Sara Hejazi. As per scriptures in the Bible, Earth was created prior to light (Genesis 1:13,3). Prehistory: Migrations and Cultural Changes This course examines the origins of human culture , from the development of civilizations, including the first tools developed by humans as well as the spread of the human race from Africa along with other migrations, the genesis of agriculture, as well as the rise of state societies in various parts of the globe. In the big bang model light existed for billions of year prior to the time that the Earth began to form.

Academic Supervisor: Ana Isabel Navajas Jimenez. The Bible says there was liquid water prior to stars (Genesis 1:2, 14-19). Ancient Civilizations This course describes the people, the culture archeological evidences and the influence of ancient civilizations.

In the big bang theory the oxygen that is present in every water molecule was believed to have been created by stars.