In a long and spacious U-shaped kitchen, adding a banquette on the far wall adds comfort and means you can reduce visual clutter by adding fewer chairs. If you don’t have the room for a banquette, try adding a space-saving bench. When I pictured my kitchen, I saw white walls with open shelving, evoking a light an airy feeling, with some color sprinkled in. A large U-shaped kitchen can have a cavernous feel. In terms of layout, your kitchen plan and appliance order should reflect the natural flow of how you work.

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  • That window, the backsplash, the STOVE, the color palette.
  • Every morning, making coffee with the light streaming in, creates a serene calm that I can’t explain.
  • You can probably thank craftsman style for becoming so trendy for that.
  • Sometimes it’s necessary to break up different sections of a large room to give it more structure.

It works best to devote one side to one function. In other words, one side will be for cooking and food preparation, one side will be for cleaning and one side will be for storage and refrigeration. A well remodeled kitchen gives you the opportunity to turn the room into more than just the space you use to cook.

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This might feel like a disadvantage in an era when open plan kitchens seem to dominate, but confining your kitchen lighting swindon to a single room with a U-shaped design has advantages. It means that everything will be within a few steps’ reach, streamlining cooking and washing up. Keep a small U-shaped kitchen feeling light and airy with a limited palette of soft colors and neutrals. In U-shaped kitchen layouts, the smaller kitchen work triangle means less bumping into the cook when guests enter the kitchen. It also facilitates a smoother workflow for the cook, reducing time to prepare meals. Plus, the U-shape creates three handy kitchen stations that are set apart from one another.

Laying Out Appliances In A U

If your U-shaped kitchen is large enough, you can always install a kitchen island. An antique or reproduction farmhouse table, or a sculptural live edge style dining table, has presence but a lighter profile, and can be changed out more easily if your tastes change. If you are choosing to include a central table, be sure you leave ample room for circulation and flow around the table. They key it to focus on the style of the cabinets and the functionality of the appliances to cover all your basic needs and provide a clean and aesthetic canvas for any decor elements. You also should be careful to keep these to a minimum in a small u-shaped kitchen. Even if you have a larger kitchen, over decorating can turn your space into a cluttered mess.

Therefore, although remodeling is a pricey project, it’s also a profitable project in the long run. Looks like granite countertops on the U but quartz on the island. At that point you may want to consider getting an island to get a large working countertop within easy reach and working with your architect or designer to figure out the best layout possible.


Nixing knobs and pulls on your cabinets gives them a cleaner look . Just make sure you’re okay with substituting the convenience of cabinet hardware for visual effect first. As this kitchen by Norsu Interiors demonstrates, leaving out the hardware for a simpler cabinet look has a stunning effect. Knowing the cabinet color, I went to the MM showroom and starting working on a color palette.

You can also change the look of your cabinets by painting the doors and frames. This is a cheap and easy alternative to new cabinets, but this won’t make much of a special difference. You’ll need a ladder to get to upper cabinets.