Show that any countable locally compact Hausdorff group has the discrete topology. Show that the Open Mapping Theorem A5.4.4 does not remain valid if either of the conditions “σ-compact” or “onto” is deleted. Countable collection of closed sets all having empty interior.

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  • Van Kampen extended it to all compact groups in van Kampen in 1935 using the 1934 work, von Neumann , of John von Neumann on almost periodic functions.
  • Of compact Hausdorff abelian groups, then the discrete group Qr G∗ is algebraically isomorphic to the restricted direct product Γi of the corresponding dual groups .
  • Compact if and only if every ultrafilter on (X, τ ) converges.
  • Introduction37 In the theory of metric spaces, convergent sequences play a key role.
  • At this stage we do not know that there is any “bigger” kind of infinite set – indeed we do not even know what “bigger” would mean in this context.
  • Think– students take time to think about the lesson material individually.

For a discussion of this see Maclane , Freyd 10 ˘ ech compactification exists for all topological spaces, it While the Stone-C assumes more significance in the case of Tychonoff spaces. Give an example where equality does not hold in . Let J be any index set, and for each j ∈ J, (Gj , τ j ) a topological space homeomorphic to the Cantor Space, and Ij a topological space homeomorphic Q Q to . Prove that j∈J Ij is a continuous image of j∈J . Let be any infinite family of separable metrizable spaces. Prove Q Q that j∈J (Xj , τ j ) is homeomorphic to a subspace of j∈J Ij∞ , where each Ij∞ is homeomorphic to the Hilbert cube.

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A set S of real numbers is said to be bounded above if there exists a real number c such that x sarah smith elementary ≤ c, for all x ∈ S, and c is called an upper bound for S. Similarly the terms “bounded below” and “lower bound” are defined. A set which is bounded above and bounded below is said to be bounded. We now proceed to describe the open sets and the closed sets in the euclidean topology on R. In particular, we shall see that all open intervals are indeed open sets in this topology and all closed intervals are closed sets.

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Let S be a set of functions from a set X into a set Y . The set of analytic functions on R properly contains the set of all polynomials on R, but is a proper subset of the set C ∞ of smooth functions on R. An example of a smooth function which is not analytic is given in Exercises 12.1 #10.

So, by Proposition 9.4.17, it is second countable. It is readily verified (Exercises 4.1 #14) that any subspace of a second countable space is second countable, and hence (Y, τ 1 ) is second countable. It is also easily verified (Exercises 6.1 #6) that any subspace of a metrizable space is metrizable. As the Hilbert cube is metrizable, by Corollary 9.3.10, its subspace (Y, τ 1 ) is metrizable.

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Of course, any compact group is compactly generated. The closure H of H is a subgroup of G; if H is a normal subgroup of G, then H is a normal subgroup of G; if G is Hausdorff and H is abelian, then H is abelian. The mapping 7→ xy of H × H onto H and the mapping x 7→ x−1 of H onto H are continuous since they are restrictions of the corresponding mappings of G × G and G.