There are four difficulty levels, as well as a hidden fifth difficulty that players can unlock after mastering all of the others. If a player is not careful, they can lose a lot of yen betting on this minigame. It seems so broken, there are times when the opponent should be defeated, but they get back up and immediately pull out some sick move to defeat the player instead. The Catfight minigame can be quite unfair, as the RNG is particularly horrendous.

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  • While super cute, ultimately running around after cats is a lot of work for little reward.
  • Lazin hook him up being one destination for a very aggressive lod system pop.
  • Pocket Circuit debuted in Yakuza 0and went on to feature in Yakuza Kiwamias well.
  • She can definitely be quite skillful and show a lot of love, but all silver hostesses have their limits.
  • However, only three of the women will have a successful interaction with Kiryu.

Gameplay is is nice and fighting is really satisfying, which is good as there’s a lot of it. It seems that you can’t take two steps at times, without people wanting to kick your ass. But that’s good since fighting is one of the main ways to get money, and money is what you use to upgrade your abilities, just like XP in some other games. There’s a ton of side activities and minigames to pass the time. I’ve played for about 20 hours now and my completion is at about 14%, so I have a lot more ahead.

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Worst: Telephone Club

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One of the most entertaining side activities in the title is managing Majima’s cabaret club. This side quest is imperative to unlocking Majima’s combat potential and attaining a ton of money in the process. However, managing the cabaret club will become difficult without great hostesses that can pull their weight.

Not only are her Talk and Love stats great, but her high HP make her a valuable fallback during Rival Battles as well. With high HP and Party stats, Koizumi is a great Yakuza 0 hostess for players to employ in Club Sunshine. Her extremely cute looks are a major bonus as well. There are certain hostesses that can be scouted by Majima to bolster the ranks of Club Sunshine. Hiroko is one such hostess who is found on the western side of Sotenbori near the pay phone and will be wooed over to join the club with an offering or a scarf or coat. If she tells him that he’ll , he’s not surprised at the least, pretty much saying it was bound to happen someday.

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However, people who end up playing the cabaret club sidequest long after it’s required will find themselves enjoying the services of a great hostess. Still, Mana doesn’t really do anything meaningful due to the lack of any Rival Battles. Here are some of the best hostesses players can use to make going through this Cabaret Club minigame a breeze.