Others use apps or coaching programs to help members work on specific goals or psychological techniques to manage addiction’s underlying causes. Sobriety support groups are organizations dedicated to helping those seeking a sober life connect with other like-minded individuals and find ways to jumpstart their new lifestyle. Sobriety support groups are not the same as treatment facilities and should not substitute for addiction treatment. Tempest offers 24/7 support and access to coaches that can help personalize a plan and help you stay on track to achieve recovery from addiction. Women for Sobriety was founded in 1975 as a not-for-profit organization helping women recover from substance use. The organization offers both online and in-person support groups run by certified moderators and chat leaders. If you wish to speak to someone one-on-one, there are also phone volunteers who can help you.

  • Everyone handles sobriety differently, and there is no right or wrong way to navigate it.
  • While some insurance providers have limitations on covering rehabilitation centers, most support groups are completely free.
  • There is no requirement to introduce yourself as an “addict” like with some other support groups, and attendees typically talk about the week they just had.
  • They also have online meetings for those that don’t want to or can’t attend regular meetings.
  • Whether you’re trying to quit drinking or you’re already sober, Tempest combines a personalized approach to recovery with membership and one-on-one support to help you make a lasting change.
  • They can also be beneficial for helping prevent relapse in people with AUD who have completed an inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation program.

Our therapeutic approach is grounded in the most reliable clinical practices for substance abuse recovery. Remember to check in regularly with the people in sober networking your support network. Relationships are a two-way street, and it’s just as important for you to check in with your loved ones to see how they are doing.

What’s the difference between an online vs. in-person sobriety support group?

Your support network will include friends, family members, professionals, and perhaps other recovering drug users and alcoholics. Together, your support network will help to provide you with encouragement so that you can remain focused on your recovery goals. Daybreak is an Australian company that offers an app to connect people who are recovering from alcohol use disorder. People can use the app as an online support group, a personal diary, and a source of advice. These programs offer support and encouragement for people who may wish for a different motivation or foundation than one based on spirituality and relinquishing control. Instead, individuals are encouraged to take on their own weaknesses, learn to accept them, and move forward in recovery.

sober networking groups

This is one of the things that your support group will be able to offer you. A support group can also help you navigate any obstacles that arise as you progress through your recovery. You never know what sort of challenges are going to come your way, and it can be very helpful to know that there are people around to support you no matter what happens. Unless you are prone to introspection and contemplation, it can be extremely helpful or even necessary to have people to talk to you about your feelings. If you attempt to go through recovery without the support of people to help you understand your situation, you may not be able to move forward as easily.

Have a problem with alcohol? There is a solution.

However, for some people, online meetings may not be an ideal format. This program is specifically aimed at helping women with substance use disorder. Each meeting begins with introductions and statements of affirmation.

sober networking groups

The most popular feature on the app is its dating network that lets you create a profile and match yours with other singles using the app. Those who want to include a faith-based or spiritual focus to their recovery may not like this secular approach.


AA claims that it uses spirituality to provide support, but it does not affiliate itself with any religious https://ecosoberhouse.com/ denomination. Recovery Dharma offers reading materials and in-person and online meetings.

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Recently featured in our Alumni Newsletter, the Clean Fun Network, is part social network, part on-line dating site, and part travel agency. Many sober specific networks have sprung up to meet the needs of the community. While many of them are a lot like other larger social networks, they have extra features and focused communities that make signing up for another social network worth it. And unlike other networks you might already be on, sober social networks put emphasis on allowing users to remain anonymous and protect their privacy. You spend all day looking at screens — your phone, your computer, your tablet, your watch. Your life takes place online as much as it does in the physical world, and your recovery shouldn’t be forgotten when you reach for your iPad. We have covered a lot of great Apps here on the Mountainside blog, but if you are anything like us, our favorite part of being connected is connecting with other people on social networks.

Members have access to online meetings, 24-hour chats, and discussion forums. LifeRing members have access to face-to-face meetings, online meetings, an educational toolkit, email groups, one-on-one sobriety “ePals,” a 24-hour chat room, and forums. LifeRing coaches its members to become their “Sober Self” and leave the behaviors of their “Addict Self” in the past. As members connect in person or online, they’re supported and encouraged to live in the present moment and not ruminate on destructive histories. The coaches can help set goals, monitor your progress, share their own stories of recovery, and offer support. WFS provides a message board, online text chat, private Facebook group, and phone support. The New Life acceptance statements focus on building strength through compassion, care, self-love, and growth.