It makes no sense that she would kill the rebel base for a desire to save a guy she barely knows. Rose as a character needed to be better purposed because it’s like she was created solely to separate Finn having a romance with Rey as Disney is like „hur dur black and white characters cannot be romantically entwined”. Rose deserved better in TLJ and more so in ROS.

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  • On October 8, 2014, Brand Sins was launched.
  • RJ is entitled to feel positive about the movie he made, but I don’t find TLJ anyway „subversive” or „gobsmacking-ly amazing”.
  • Their „sins” have no quantitative value nor do they make any pretense of their „sins” being uniform or objective critiques.
  • But the fact remains that movies that are 2.5 hours or shorter tend to get more plays in my house.
  • And it was never as good a premise as Honest Trailers anyway.
  • CinemaSins was launched on December 11, 2012 on YouTube, and uploaded their first two-minute long video titled „Everything Wrong With The Amazing Spider-Man” by Jeremy Scott.

It honestly feels like many shoujo manga where the main love interest is a serial abuser and a complete dickwad to the MC but it’s okay since he’s brooding because bad things happened in the past. I consider them canon, they’re super fun. Like ffs it’s ok to just say „Eh i’m not vibing with what this franchise is doing rn” without going on a diatribe about how fandoms need to „understand” that good ideas are finite.

Everything Wrong With Cinemasins: Free Guy Copyright

Luke, Vader, and Palpatine was good but man was it evident that the film went through an entire rewrite with some creative decisions being made purely for the sake of selling toys. I kinda think they would be in tough to even match the box office total of that last Jurassic Park film which was a total trainwreck. The degradation of Finn’s character has been talked to death, so I won’t go on about it but he also deserved better. RJ is entitled to feel positive about the movie he made, but I don’t find TLJ anyway „subversive” or „gobsmacking-ly amazing”. I think the difference here being would Finn stick around if friendzoned by Rey?

Amazon Com: Behind The Sins : Cinemasins

The OT just set the bar way too high and had too many things go right for it probably a lot by happenstance/fluke. Like I suspect Lucas really did not have that whole „Darth Vader is Luke’s father and that is actually what this trilogy is about” thing when he first wrote and even made A New Hope. It kinda came to him over time and that was pure lightning in a bottle that made the story far more interesting than it had any business being. Part of what makes a good story is respecting your characters and treating them like people. This means respecting, and treating seriously, what they go through.

The channel is narrated by Bobby Burns. In Brand Sins’s videos, they discuss the sins of brands and industries all over the world, such as Walmart and McDonalds. Brand Sins pretty much has the same style of CinemaSins, but instead of movies it’s brands, and the narrator’s face is visible during the sinning. „Conversations With Myself About Movies” is the second series started by CinemaSins. In it, Jeremy Scott has a conversation with „himself” (an edited-in version of him) about a movie. Clues to the following week’s sins video are hidden in the Conversations videos, along with some red herrings.

I also enjoyed his early „Movie Recipes”. But he produced way too much ; both his shtick and technique got stale quickly. If the film is still bad or okay, CW lays out a path to still enjoy watching it. If it’s good or great, then he delves more deeply into what makes it good and addresses some of the criticisms made to refute or smooth them over.

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With a lot of that backstory established now, I’m hopeful that a sequel can be a bit tighter. Discussion in 'The Batman’ started by flickchick85, Sep 4, 2021. Loa has proven she doesn’t quite have the juju to use the juju book properly; the thing is, there is always reason to worry. Grabbed all 3 on Bluray nice a cheap a few months back. Watched them back to back – the only one that even remotely stands the test of time is the original and only because of it’s brilliantly satirical view of everything.